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The Drink Detective - Alco-tube


The Drink Detective

A screening test kit for drugs used in date rapes and thefts (Ketamine and GHB)

Ketamine and GHB are the 2 major drugs used for rape and theft, “The Drink Detective” allows you, a friend, a sibling, family member or customer to check their drink to ensure it does not contain ketamine, GHB or any date rape drugs. These drugs cannot be seen without testing because they are colorless, odorless and tasteless.

The Drink Detective is a lifesaver in an instant, it’s accurate and a dependable drug test the drinker or tester is much less likely to fall victim to prejudice (thefts, rapes or other harmful acts). These date rape drugs incapacitate the drinker and cause amnesia. Be Prepared.

A simple test of placing a few drops of the contents on the test card, should the test result turn to a dark blue color on the test card; it indicates the presence of an illicit drug. Dispose of the poison drink immediately.

  • Use foresight and do not take any unnecessary risks
  • More than 70% of the victims are women aged 18 to 35 years
  • 13% of victims are men



Camera ready artwork must be supplied by buyer, in-house artwork starts at $125. E-mail us for your quote.




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Home of the only FDA Certified Medical Devices product line that are portable, disposable, 100% accurate and FOOL-PROOF alcohol breath testers in the Alco-Tube Plus, the ALCOGRAD and the RREDLINE (The Exclusive U.S Military Version) alcohol breath testers.

We carry a full line of FDA Certified, reusable handheld alcohol breath tester Medical Devices.

The ALCOOBAR is our coin-operated, commercial, wall unit Electronic Breath Analyzer for bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, bus depots, airports, or public places where alcohol is served to promote good driving conduct.

We carry the only TABLET alcohol breath tester for discreet use at corporate functions and home use.

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The Alcotube Plus is an FDA Certified Medical Device. (No Prescription Necessary)

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