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Prom Committee, PTA - Alco-tube


Open letter to New York Area High School Principals, PTA’s & Prom Committee Decision Makers

Dear High School Principals, PTA’s, School Boards and Chairperson(s) of the High School Prom Committees:

Alcotube USA, Inc., congratulates this year’s Graduating Class in advance.

We congratulate the proud parents, teachers, School Principals, PTA’s and School Boards in our Greater NY Metropolitan Area and Long Island.

Dear PROM organizers this is your season to shine! Yes, the graduates are coming out this graduation as adults and the new independent consumer of the future after graduation.

We at Alcotube USA, Inc., are very involved in facilitating to young H.S Seniors at no cost the First & Only Patented, portable, disposable, DNA Traceable, FDA Certified MEDICAL DEVICE that’s a 100% accurate, FOOL-PROOF, INSTANT DWI CURE Alcohol Breath Tester we know as THE ALCOTUBE PLUS.

We sincerely believe the generosity of the Good-Will Advertisers’ whose sponsoring this year’s PROM NIGHT – ANTI DWI CAMPAIGN with THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is the first time this preventive device will make its mark preventing a potentially major disaster, your distribution efforts bring a new preventive concept to the dreaded PROM NIGHT DWI INCIDENTS, PROM NIGHT DWI ACCIDENTS AND PROM NIGHT DWI FATALITES WE HEAR ABOUT EVERY SINGLE YEAR.



Take the Dr. TUBE Challenge: CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE THE POLICE CHECK YOU. Don’t get caught dead drunk behind the wheel of that car please. WE LOVE YOU!



Our product THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is the ideal functional advertising medium that will reintroduce and promote Anti DWI Safety and it’s a safe, thoughtful and preventive marketing distribution concept much like condom distribution as a preventive measure. Your efforts will get and keep the attention of social minded people who want young potential customers entering their age of responsibility after High School. Businesses and Advertisers want to spend money on your prom night and WHY NOT?


The Marketing concept: This includes your HIGH SCHOOL DESCISION MAKERS and PROM COMMITTEE(S) committing to:

  • Donating THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS to the 2017 graduating class, parents, etc., on behalf of the SPONSOR BUSINESSES.
  • THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is a single use Alcotube Plus Alcohol Breath Tester GIFT with the congratulations of the Corporate Sponsor’s message to the High School Graduating Class, their parents, relatives and friends that are associated with the PROM NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA.
  • This will have the following multiple effects and overflow benefits:
    • An innovative social responsibility tied to the name of your Graduating Class,
    • Community recognition, helping educate PROM NIGHT ATTENDEES and others on DWI Prevention to save lives of your classmates, friends and family.
    • The Alcotube Plus is a functioning advertising medium that deters “Teen Age” BUZZ DRVING and Drunk Driving with a 100% accurate Fool-Proof PREVENTIVE DEVICE that’s THE REAL TEETH TO THE SLOGAN DRIVING RESPOSNIBLY



  • Keeping your classmates, their friends and family members alive and well;
  • Creating a sense of concern and care for the future physical, intellectual and financial well-being of your classmates by keeping your graduating class with a zero tolerance for TEEN DWI’S.

We at Alcotube USA would like to discuss the details of this novel approach that has its roots in CONDOM DISTRIBUTION bringing awareness and a CURE to this potential DWI problem. I will call you within two to three days to set up an appointment.


Please try to visit our website for more details. The Alcotube USA Annual Prom Night Anti-DWI Campaign is a BUSINESS or Corporate Sponsorship Program that’s totally funded by local businesses.

STAND FOR SOMETHING! Please take a moment to visit our website to get acquainted with us @


Home of the only FDA Certified Medical Devices product line that are portable, disposable, 100% accurate and FOOL-PROOF alcohol breath testers in the Alco-Tube Plus, the ALCOGRAD and the RREDLINE (The Exclusive U.S Military Version) alcohol breath testers.

We carry a full line of FDA Certified, reusable handheld alcohol breath tester Medical Devices.

The ALCOOBAR is our coin-operated, commercial, wall unit Electronic Breath Analyzer for bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, bus depots, airports, or public places where alcohol is served to promote good driving conduct.

We carry the only TABLET alcohol breath tester for discreet use at corporate functions and home use.

We are always interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to use the form on the left to ask us questions about our products and our cause. Alternatively, you may also call us at 212-726-5704 or write to us using the contact sheet on the left.


Contact Alcotube for more information or to share your story.
Contact us with suggestions or stay in contact with us. Tell us your story, we'd love to hear from you. Keep in touch with us.


The Alcotube Plus is an FDA Certified Medical Device. (No Prescription Necessary)

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