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Prom Night Anti DUI - Alco-tube

Alcotube USA, Inc.

Good-Will Advertisers, Newspapers, Car Dealerships, Banks and other awesome businesses…


Dear Sir/Madam
This is the season to think of your customer of the future. The graduating class of 2017 is your adult customer in six about months or less. We at Alcotube USA have a marketing concept to present that shall enhance your B to B sales position, enhance your newspaper, car dealership, bank or businesses’ overall image through this very innovative and unique good will advertising campaign that saves lives every day.


Our product, THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is a PATENTED, portable, disposable, cigarette size, all-glass, 100% accurate, Fool-Proof, Alcohol Breath Tester, FDA Certified Medical Device which puts an INSTANT DWI CURE with your business LOGO, your brand, your advertising on the most amazing ANTI DWI DEVICE in world that’s now in this country today.
You want traffic to your doorstep? How’s your business image concerning keeping your customers alive and well? THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is the ideal functional advertising medium to reintroduce your business to a new market to reach, capture and keep the attention of young, impressionable, potential customers entering their age of responsibility after High School.

The Marketing concept – This includes you committing to:

  • Purchasing and Donating THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS Alcohol Breath Tester with your congratulations and your subscription offer, your message to High School Graduating Seniors through the High School Prom Committees & your VERY VISIBLE presence at the PROM.

  • It’s the same concept of PREVENTION that led to CONDOMS DISTRIBUTION in High schools.

  • Your Good-Will advertising Campaign shall have the following multiple overflow benefits and affect:

  1. An advertising message of innovative social responsibility through education, good-will and giving a lifesaving product with a long shelf life tied to the name and image of your company,

  2. Helping save lives in your community and beyond your targeted market, growing your market share,

  3. A functioning advertising medium that deters “Teen Age” drunk driving because the INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS is the only real teeth to the slogan “DRIVING RESPONSIBLY,

  4. Community recognition as a goodwill advertiser and innovative marketer,

  5. An offer to go online to view the sales offer in the Good-Will Advertising Campaign, a subscription-based marketing vehicle for the summer (10 weeks) and beyond offering your business a large pool of potentially paying customer or subscriber base soon after the promotion is launched, thus increasing market share.

  6. Online credit card activation, appointments and a myriad of possibilities


Benefits of THE INSTANT DWI CURE – THE ALCOTUBE PLUS as an advertising medium;

  • Community Recognition,

  • Keeping your paying customers, their friends and family members alive and well,

  • Taping into the new, raw pool of emerging young adults, readers for your newspaper, driver of your automobile brand, opening new bank accounts, etc.

  • Creating a sense of your businesses ‘concern and care for the physical, intellectual and financial well-being of your potential customers, their friends, family and relatives.

  • The company’s enhanced “nouveau” image in leadership in our communities far outweighs the financial advertising investment that’s an adverting expense.

  • Enhanced business to business advertising sales revenues from numerous industries who want to be the first to attract the new pool of graduating seniors to trade schools, colleges, universities, jobs, etc.

  • Increasing traffic, sales, prepaid readerships, memberships and subscription, sales calls, appointments and driving traffic to your website and opened doors that gets your business return on investment and your added percentage of the market share of the largest new pool of adult customers of all the targeted markets.

We at Alcotube USA, Inc. would like to discuss the details of this novel approach to marketing your business to this huge potential customer base. The season is ripe; it is a time when young adults are inclined to consider the value your product or service contributing in their maturing process. I will call you within two to three days to set up an appointment to visit your office.

STAND FOR SOMETHING! The life you save may be closer to home than you may think.

Over 12 sq. Inches advertising space on reverse side of small product insert & 43.5 sq. Inches of advertising space on large insert. Both inserts will be combined with purchase of the large package.We offer a single insert (12 sq. Inches ad space) or a 2 insert compilation specialty advertising package offering over 44 sq. Inches of advertising space


Home of the only FDA Certified Medical Devices product line that are portable, disposable, 100% accurate and FOOL-PROOF alcohol breath testers in the Alco-Tube Plus, the ALCOGRAD and the RREDLINE (The Exclusive U.S Military Version) alcohol breath testers.

We carry a full line of FDA Certified, reusable handheld alcohol breath tester Medical Devices.

The ALCOOBAR is our coin-operated, commercial, wall unit Electronic Breath Analyzer for bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, bus depots, airports, or public places where alcohol is served to promote good driving conduct.

We carry the only TABLET alcohol breath tester for discreet use at corporate functions and home use.

We are always interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to use the form on the left to ask us questions about our products and our cause. Alternatively, you may also call us at 212-726-5704 or write to us using the contact sheet on the left.


Contact Alcotube for more information or to share your story.
Contact us with suggestions or stay in contact with us. Tell us your story, we'd love to hear from you. Keep in touch with us.


The Alcotube Plus is an FDA Certified Medical Device. (No Prescription Necessary)

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