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The EBA – Electronic Breath Analyzer – The Only Deluxe, Commercial, Wall Unit, Coin Operated Breathalyzer in America - Alco-tube

The EBA – Electronic Breath Analyzer – The Only Deluxe, Commercial, Wall Unit, Coin Operated Breathalyzer in America


Perfect for bars and restaurants during the holidays (Christmas or other), golf tournaments, wine and cheese tastings and other events where alcohol is served! You and your guests will have peace of mind with this prevention tool at your event, may it be a wedding, party, golf outing as just a few examples of the Breathalyzer’s versatility.

Stand alone portable units will be available in 2018. Did you know at corporate functions where alcohol is served, more than 40% of persons tested exceeded the legal limit for driving a car (0.08) and more than half of these don’t doubt their driving abilities? This leads us to think that more than 20% of people that are unfit to drive could find themselves on our roads. Among the famous cases of road accidents as a result of alcohol consumption during corporate events where alcohol is served lead to a prosecution, we can cite the case of Hunt v. Sutton Group (2002), 60 O.R. (3d) 665 (Ont. C.A.) where the Sutton Group paid $300,000 to an employee who was injured after drinking and driving after a corporate event. In the case of prosecution, had this device been used, it would have demonstrated an act of good corporate citizenship by offering a breathalyzer to your guests and the mandatory civil and criminal penalties associated with a prosecution under the DRAM SHOP ACT.

Be aware of the dram shop act Bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments qualify for insurance discounts with this machine in their facility BE SAFE BY BEING SURE


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Tablet, Wall Unit


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Home of the only FDA Certified Medical Devices product line that are portable, disposable, 100% accurate and FOOL-PROOF alcohol breath testers in the Alco-Tube Plus, the ALCOGRAD and the RREDLINE (The Exclusive U.S Military Version) alcohol breath testers.

We carry a full line of FDA Certified, reusable handheld alcohol breath tester Medical Devices.

The ALCOOBAR is our coin-operated, commercial, wall unit Electronic Breath Analyzer for bars, restaurants, sports stadiums, bus depots, airports, or public places where alcohol is served to promote good driving conduct.

We carry the only TABLET alcohol breath tester for discreet use at corporate functions and home use.

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The Alcotube Plus is an FDA Certified Medical Device. (No Prescription Necessary)

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