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I Alco Supreme - Alco-tube

I Alco Supreme


Smartphone Breathalyzer for Individuals

Rated best product – CAA Quebec and Protégez-Vous

The i Alco Supreme, making your smartphone even smarter!

The i Alco Supreme is a breathalyzer that connects via Bluetooth to Android phones and tablets as well as those of Apple brand. The i Alco Supreme allows you to view your alcohol blood content on the screen of your favorite device in just seconds!

Moreover, among other features, the i Alco Supreme provides you with all these:

  • Several attractive visual displays so that you can best use the breathalyser and interpret obtained results.
  • The application indicates the time required for you to reach a zero-alcohol level or equivalent to the legal limit.
  • You have access to your last 500 results and can send them via text message, Facebook or Twitter to another smartphone!
  • You can set the legal limit according to the standards and measurement unit of the country or Province you travel to or the place where you find yourself in!
  • Reminder indicating that the device calibration is required.
  • Low battery indicator easy to interpret.
  • Available in 3 attractive colors: black, pink and white.
  • Ability to add paid apps to make your i Alco Supreme even smarter!

This breathalyzer comes with a card, giving you the right to an annual subscription to a designated driver service similar to Operation Nez rouge offered by one of our partners. A value between $25.00 and $65.00 depending on your region within Quebec.

* Mileage costs and departure are the responsibility of the customer. Some of our partners require a minimum mileage for travel. 

i Alco Supreme – Paid applications – See the numerous possibilities



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