Our mission statement

Our mission at Alcotube USA is to stem the tide of Drunk Driving Incidents through education and distribution of our Alcotube Line of FDA Certified Medical Devices.

We all need to see the big picture about this phenomenon called “Drunk Driving Incidents” that’s the # 1 preventable health hazard in America according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

DWI’s have far reaching implications after the DWI incident, injuries and there are DWI FATALITIES.

NHTSA calculate Drunk Driving incidents cost over 86 Billion dollars in 2015. We are all affected by related incidents directly or indirectly. We at Alcotube USA created the drug and alcohol crime prevention store primarily to distribute the Instant DWI Cures because we are disturbed by the human misery associated with DWI’s.

What is the big picture? The big picture is awareness, education from 7th to 12th graders about the effects of under-age alcohol consumption as we do about teen age pregnancies.

Our Annual H.S Prom Night Anti DUI Corporate Sponsorship Program seeks to match a Sponsor, Good Will advertiser who will purchase 1,000 or more Alcotube Plus DWI Cures with their advertising imprinted on the insert.

The program is created to give the instant DWI cure to the Prom Committee(s) in a mutually agreed upon distribution program and advertising campaign designed to bring awareness, educate and prevent as much as possible teen DWI incidents at Prom Night.

We at Alcotube USA are determined to convince alcohol and spirits manufacturers, wholesale distributors, importers, representatives and our state legislators all the way to the national level in Congress to put the facts about the DWI CURE to support the slogan or sound bite “Don’t Drink And Drive, Drive Responsibly” those slogans and the billions spent on the alleged worthless advertisings (Public Service Announcements) are in actuality hypocritical efforts by perhaps well intentioned people and entities pushing worthless rhetoric as a Good Will advertising campaign. Well it looks like Alcotube USA has the solution.

The NHTSA data reasonably interpreted says a simple fact; people consuming alcohol need an inexpensive, accurate, reliable, affordable tool to check a person’s blood alcohol level in about a minute or so less before attempting to drive a motor car, operating machinery, operating a boat, riding a horse or engaging in any activity handling machinery, cars, boats, riding horses, flying an airplane, driving school buses, etc.

The only true, reliable answer in the U.S is the U.S Patented, FDA Certified as a Medical Device that’s portable, disposable, inexpensive, easy to use, DNA Traceable, 100% accurate, Fool-Proof, Alcohol Breath Tester, The Alcotube Plus – The Instant Dwi Cure.

The Breath Tester industry today has only one Manufacturer distributing the only Patented, portable, disposable, 100% accurate, fool-proof, cigarette-size Alcohol Breath Tester, The Alcotube Plus – The Instant Dwi Cure.

The Alcotube PlusThe Instant Dwi Cure


Our entire product line; Our Entiere Business was created to prevent what you just saw.