Alco-Tube Plus

Single Use Breathalyzer


The Alco-Tube Plus detects your level of alcohol letting you know if you exceed the legal limit for driving a vehicle in less than 2 minutes! ...more


Single Use Breathalyzer

Alcograd Single Use Breathalyzer

Alcograd is an innovative, single-use breathalyzer informing you when your breath alcohol content is 0.00, 0.02, 0.05 or 0.08, thanks to color changing crystals inside of the tube. ...more


Single Use Breathalyzer

Redline, military grade breathanalyzer

Redline is a single-use breath tester with a bag that’s reliable and economical. It has been recognized by the Canadian Government as an alcohol detection tool for drivers. In addition, they must always ha ...more

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