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Redline - Alco-tube


Single Use Breathalyzer

Buy 1                  $12(+ 2 shipping and handling)


Buy 2                  $20(Free shipping)

Alco-Tube Plus detects your level of alcohol letting you to know if you exceed the legal limit for driving a vehicle in less than 2 minutes!

It meets FDA standards and has been approved by MADD Canada.

The difference between personalized Alco-Tube Plus and generic Alco-Tube Plus is that the personalized ones are distributed in a package containing your logo and personal message of your choice!

Popular messages that employers use on their packaging:

  • Drive safely
  • Drive carefully
  • Your safety is important to us
  • For a safe evening 
  • Safety concerns us all
  • Be careful, do the test

Personalized Alco-Tube Plus is an alcohol detector utilized as prevention tool and  appreciated by businesses! Perfect for all your corporate events: office celebrations (Christmas and others), golf tournaments, special meetings ( employees departures) wines and cheese tastings , galas, banquets, 5 to 7s, weddings and all other events where alcohol is served.

Alco-Tube Plus is customizable and can be given to employees as a welcome tool, a thoughtful gesture they will remember!


    • Effective
    • Easy to interpret
    • Economic
    • Offers  peace of mind
    • No calibration necessary
    • Can save lives and prevent accidents
  • Small and discreet, it slips easily into the pocket of a shirt or hand bag.

Single or Multi