is proud to be known as the greater New York crime prevention store specializing in the distribution of FDA certified alcohol breath testers or breathalyzers, drug tests and The First and only date rape drug I.d test kit in America as personal safety products.

Our alcohol breath tester line of products are FDA Certified Medical Devices that are hailed as the instant DWI cure. The Alcotube Plus, when used properly, is a career saving and lifesaving tool in the battle to stem the tide of DWIs.

We sell to individuals online, in retail stores and we do specialty advertising for companies as an extremely effective functional advertising medium using the Alcotube Plus – Instant Dwi Cure, the alcograd instant Dwi Cure, and the first instant date rape I D Test Kit; the Drink Detective.

We sell handheld units that are FDA Certified medical devices that measure blood alcohol content in the user’s bloodstream. Our breathalyzers or alcohol breath testers are 100%, FOOL-PROOF reliable devices which will indicate if a user's blood alcohol level is above the legal limit (State Specific Calibration) for driving a vehicle, operate machinery, ride a horse, pilot an airplane or a boat.

Our product is OSHA Compliant for personal safety that also reaches into the construction sites, workplaces including alcohol and drug tests for a competent analysis of a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol-free work environment.

Our product line was originally exclusively designed and created to help prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol for personal safety for more than twenty years in Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia and the Caribbean. We have made considerable expansion into the drug testing area as well for obviously the same reason we distribute alcohol breath testers; personal safety at home, out and about and in public places, we can install our unique coin operated wall unit breathalyzer. We carry the first and only multi-use table alcohol breathalyzer for home parties or corporate functions.

One of our best ideas for corporations to advertise is in the High School Prom Night Anti DUI Corporate Sponsorship Program. We also carry the first tablet alcohol breath tester for corporate events or home use for parties, etc., additionally our wall unit electronic breathalyzer is a commercial coin operated model for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, golf clubs and all other institutions where alcoholic beverages are served. These public, commercial, coin-operated, and multiple-usage electronic breath analyzers are called EBAs.

Along the line of personal safety, we are the innovators in creating the Drink Detective. The Drink Detective is a date rape drug I.D Test Kit that’s no bigger than a credit card.

Stand for something order now for you, your family safety and for your friends, you care about and you’ll be happy you did in the love that comes back to you for your thoughtfulness.


Our personal single-use, FDA Certified DWI CURE is THE ALCO-TUBE PLUS. This product is sold in over 600 retail establishments and liquor in North America. The DWI CURE is used in Europe, Australia, Israel and the Caribbean. Our second tier of personal, multi-use, hand held units are called DRIVESAFE.

Anyone drinking can benefit from the accuracy and reliability of our product line. Ignoring alcohol testing before driving can expose you and others to serious consequences.


The ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP) and The Australian Police has performed testing to compare our electronic public multiple-usage breathalyzer, the EBA, to their own alcohol measurement instruments. After several tests, the RCMP & in Australia they concluded that our instruments produced results similar to their own making our products as accurate as the machine in the back of any police car.

Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season

The wall unit coin operated EBA (Electronic Breath Analyzer) are designed and is produced by a Canadian manufacturer that’s been in business for over twenty years. They have supplied alcohol measurement devices to the police forces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and to the Canadian government.

EBA uses the same advanced semi-conductor sensing technology in the portable police breathalyzers used in roadblocks. Combining the latest in micro-computer circuitry and advanced self-diagnosis features, the EBA is the most accurate public breathalyzer available on the market today


These wall units can also be rented and used for any corporate or personal events such as:

  1. Events linked to work (Quota Maker parties, Birthday, Christmas parties & others)
  2. Office celebrations (promotions, Birthdays, Christmas and others)
  3. Golf tournaments & parties in general where alcohol is served
  4. Special reunions (employee’s departure, wakes, barbeques etc.)
  5. Wine and cheese tasting
  6. Galas
  7. Banquets
  8. Weddings
  9. Any other event where alcohol beverages are served.
  10. We look forward to placing in the United States EBA’s in sports Stadiums as is common in Canada for the “Montreal ImpactProfessional Soccer Team who plays home games at the Olympic Village soccer field.
  11. Restaurants, eateries, bars, pubs with and EBA on site get insurance discount & protection from Criminal and civil liabilities associated with the DRAM SHOP ACTS